The Canine Castle, LLC

Where All Dogs Are Royal

We are Alvin’s First and Only All-inclusive Pet Resort with no cages. We offer free socialization for all boarding dogs if pet parents opt for it. Veteran-owned and family operated.

All-Inclusive Pet Resort in Alvin, Texas with:

Dog Boarding

Spacious kennels and luxurious suites available. Socialization is complimentary; it is not required to board.

Dog Daycare

Do you want your dog to learn to get along with others?  We have indoor playrooms and 10,000 square feet of turf in our outdoor Courtyard with six partitioned play yards.

Training/Canine Coaching

Does your dog need to learn manners, patience, appropriate play with others, or leash training?  We can help.  Socialization is one of our specialties.

SPA Services & Grooming

We do it all.  Let us know.


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302 South Gordon St. | Alvin, TX. 77511